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XM Loyalty Program

XM Global loyalty prgram

Trading on an XM real account gives you the ability to earn credit bonuses when converting XM Points that are awarded on every lot you trade. Additionally, we also offer you seasonal trading bonuses that will be available for very limited periods of time, and highly exclusive trading bonuses that are available on an invitation-only basis.

What is XM Loyalty Program?

Trade and earn XM Points that can be redeemed for credit bonus rewards.

There are no forms to fill and nowhere you need to sign up to join, as soon as you start trading, you start earning.

You will start earning XMP(XM Points) in XM’s Members Area if you are an eligible investor.

Please refer to the table below to briefly understand the mechanism of the XM Loyalty Program.

Who can participateAny traders of XM*
Requirement to joinAccount Verification
Where to signupPage Here
How much XMP you can earnUp to 16 XMP per lot
The rate for Cash Bonus RedeemBonus = XMP / 3
Withdrawal of Cash BonusNot available

XM Loyalty Program - Cashback Rebate

Why you should join XM’s Loyalty Program?

XM Loyalty Program has the following advantages for investors.1. Free to join XM Loyalty Program is completely free to participate. Once you start trading with XM, XMP will be automatically accumulated in your Members Area.2. Extra Trading Bonus for MT4 and MT5Trading bonus you can redeem with XMP can be received together with many other bonuses offered by XM.3. The longer you trade More you earn XM rewards loyal traders even more. Longer the active trading period, the higher the reward you can earn for the same amount of trading lots.4. No costs or hidden commission participation to XM Loyalty Program involves no extra costs or commissions.

XM Loyalty Program Statuses

All Real Account clients start at the Executive level and are upgraded automatically after periods of trading activity. With each loyalty status upgrade, the amount of XMP (XM Points) you earn per lot traded increases proportionately. This allows you to earn XMP at a faster rate. The more XMP you have, the more you are able to redeem for credit bonus rewards.

XM Loyalty Program has 4 statuses for participants.XM Loyalty Program - Cashback Rebate*The amount of XMP shown above are given per standard lot. In the case of Micro lot, the rewarded XMPs are 100 times less than the above.

Note that if the duration of the position is equal to or shorter than 10 minutes, these positions are not included in the calculation of XMP.

Only the positions which are held for more than 10 minutes will be eligible for XMP as specified above.

There is also a demotion of XM Loyalty Status which is applied in the same principle of upgrade.

For example, if you are at the Gold status, trading inactivity for 30 business days will demote you to the executive level.

If you are at the Gold level, trading inactivity for 60 business days will demote you to the executive level.

There is no gradual demotion like from “Elite” to “Diamond Level”, but demotion will always result from you to the “Executive” level.

In the event of demotion, all previously earned XM points (“XMP”) are lost and therefore XMP count is reset to 0. Eligible Clients who are at the “Executive” level and are inactive for 42 consecutive business days will lose any previously awarded XM points (“XMP”).

Rewards of XM Loyalty Program

As you trade, you will earn XMP which can be redeemed at any time for credit bonus rewards in the Members Area. In the Members Area, you can also monitor your balance of XMP at any time, including the equivalent value of your XMP as a credit bonus.

The bonus adds funds to your trading account but is intended for trading purposes only. Below you can see the specific formulas used to calculate the equivalent value of your XMP to credit bonus.

XM Loyalty Program - Cashback Rebate

Bonus Removal upon fund withdrawals

Any profits generated can be withdrawn at any point in time, however, any withdrawal of funds will result in the proportional removal of your trading bonus.

The examples in the table below show you how the Trading Bonus is proportionally removed from your trading account when you make a withdrawal.

Redeemed XMPTrading Bonus ReceivedProfit generated from trading with the Trading BonusDeposit AmountBalance available for withdrawalAmount of requested withdrawalAmount of trading bonus removal
3$1,000 (3,000÷ 3 = $1,000)$1,500$1,500$750 (50% on $1,500)$500 (50% on $1,000)
900$300 (900 ÷ 3 = $300 )$200$300$500$225 (45% on $500)$135 (45% on $300)

How to join XM Loyalty Program

1. Open Real Account

Go to the online registration page to signup for XM online.

The registration steps may take only a few minutes.

XM Online Registration XM Loyalty Program is only available for Standard and Micro trading accounts.

XM Zero or XM Ultra-Low Spread account types cannot participate in this promotion.

If you have opened XM Zero or XM Ultra-Low Spread account types, then you may open additional accounts to participate in the program.

2. Deposit Funds

XM accepts various funding methods such as bank wire transfer, credit/debit cards, and online wallets.

Login to XM’s Members Area, choose the preferable funding method, and transfer your investment funds to XM.

3. Start trading

If you are eligible for XM’s Loyalty Program, XMP will be automatically accumulated once you start trading Forex and CFDs with XM.

You may start at the Executive level.

Please note that positions opened equal to or shorter than 10 minutes, won’t be calculated for Loyalty Program.

4. Earn XMP

Any rewarded XMP will be recorded in XM’s Members Area.

XMP will be calculated according to traded volume with a special multiplier set respectively to the following Loyalty Statuses:

  1. Executive Level” – 7XMP per every round turn standard lot traded and or 0.07XMP per every round turn micro lot traded.
  2. Gold Level” – 10XMP per every round turn standard lot traded and or 0.10XMP per every round turn micro lot traded.
  3. Diamond Level” – 13XMP per every round turn standard lot traded and or 0.13XMP per every round turn micro lot traded.
  4. Elite Level” – 16XMP per every round turn standard lot traded and or 0.16XMP per every round turn micro lot traded.

5. Redeem Trading Bonus

In the Members Area, you can monitor your balance of XMP at any time, including the equivalent value of your XMP as a credit bonus.

Terms and Conditions of XM Loyalty Program

Here are some important Terms and Conditions of XM’s Loyalty Program.

Make sure that you read through the TC available on XM’s Official Website and fully understand the rules before participating in the program.

  • XM Loyalty Program is available only for eligible clients in certain countries that XM is willing to offer.
  • The terms and conditions, and the rules of the promotion specified in this page is referred from the one provided by Trading Point (Seychelles) Limited.
  • If you are a minor, you may not participate in XM Loyalty Program.
  • Participation of intermediaries or related parties in XM Loyalty Scheme is prohibited.
  • Eligible Clients who meet the criteria are able to participate in XM Loyalty Program and earn XM points (XMP).
  • Positions’ duration equal or shorter than 10 minutes are not calculated towards XMP.
  • Only Standard and Micro trading accounts can participate XM Loyalty Program. XM Zero and Ultra Low Spread account types are not eligible to participate.
  • Eligible clients can earn 150 XMP by referring other investors to XM given that the referred investors meet certain criteria. The criteria of referral condition is specified in this page below.
  • XM Loyalty Status can be upgraded by trading actively longer period.
  • In the same principle applied in direction of promoting, the participants of XM Loyalty Program can be demoted to Executive Level in case of trading inactivity.
  • Unlike the principle of promoting, there is no gradual demotion like from “Elite” to “Diamond Level”.
  • In the event of demotion, all previously accumulated XMP in your Members Area will be nullified to 0 and cannot be redeemed.
  • If you are at the “Executive” level of XM Loyalty Program and have been inactive for 42 days, all previously awarded XMP in your Members Area will be nullified to 0 and cannot be redeemed.
  • Any accumulated XMP in XM’s Members Area can be exchanged for trading bonus according to the formula: Bonus = XMP / 3
  • Any additional XMP can be used and applied to trading accounts as bonus, together with many other bonuses offered by XM time to time.
  • It may take up to 24 hours for trading bonus to be credited when redeeming XMP in the Members Area.
  • Any trading bonus redeemed cannot be withdrawn but it is available only for trading purpose.
  • Any withdrawal of funds from an Eligible Client’s real Account(s) with XM will cause the removal of the previously awarded Credit proportionally to the percentage of the requested amount of the withdrawal from the respective Eligible Client’s real Account with XM.
  • In the event of internal transfers between trading Accounts with XM, trading bonuses previously credited to sending account will be moved proportionally to the percentage of transferred balance into receiving account.
  • No new or additional trading bonuses will be credited upon internal transfer to receiving account.
  • In case that receiving account is not eligible for trading bonuses, amount of trading bonuses deducted from sending account will not be credited into receiving account and therefore that proportion of trading bonuses will be nullified.
  • Trading Bonuses cannot be separately transferred between, or from Eligible Clients’ real trading accounts with XM.

What are XM Points?

The XM Loyalty Program offers you the ability to earn XM Points (XMP) as you trade, with the ratio of XMP per trade increasing with each Loyalty level upgrade. There are four Loyalty levels in total: Executive, Gold, Diamond, and Elite.

How do I gain XM Points?

XM Points are earned on every single standard round turn lot traded. The amount of XMP earned per trade depends on your loyalty status, starting with 7XMP/lot for Executive level clients and reaching double at 16XMP/lot for Elite level clients.

Loyalty Statuses

All clients start at the Executive level with the possibility to be upgraded periodically to a higher level with each upgrade bringing its own benefits. After 30 days of active trading, you will get your first loyalty status upgrade to Gold, enabling you to earn XMP at a higher ratio of 10XMP per lot. After a total of 60 days, you will be upgraded again to Diamond level on a ratio of 13XMP per lot. Elite status is only achieved after a total of 100 days of trading, giving you a ratio of 16XMP per lot, double that of the original Executive level.