How to identify and form Pin Bar Candles

How to identify and form Pin Bar Candles

Pin Bar, which is short for ‘Pinocchio Bar,’ is a single candlestick setup that clues price action traders into potential reversals in the market. A pin bar candle is an elongated wick that ‘sticks out’ from price action. Traders will usually look for one-sided wicks that are two times the size of the body of the candlestick.

I. Identify pin bar candles

Identify pin bar candles

The pin bar consists of 3 parts as shown in the picture:
– Shadow >= 2/3 Total:
    + For example: Total = 100 pip, Shadow = 100*2/3 = 66 pip
– Body: The smaller the Body the better and lie near the Nose.
– Nose: Nose as small as possible, may not have.

II. How to form a pin bar candle

– Pin bar price increases are formed when: when prices break out of a key support level, and a large amount of buying leads the price back above that support level. with pin bar reduction is the opposite.

– The Pin bar is formed because the Exchange Funds or Banks place a large amount of transactions there.

– Usually appear at support or resistance levels.

– This model works best in large time frames D1, W1 ..

– And we will trade in the trend of  Pin Bar.

We will have two ways of dealing with Pin Bar Candles

Depends on market perception and condition
I.Way 1: Break of the Pin bar nose entry.

– Enter the order when the price breaks the Pin bar.
II.Way 2: 50%  Pin bar.

– We can wait for price to return to 50% of  Pin bar for sale or sell at resistance

III. Set SL and TP

Part 3 will guide identify real Pin bar and fake Pin bar

Real Pin bar and fake Pin bar

in fact, it is very difficult to make a beautiful Pin bar like Part 1. We have the following criteria to choose a Pin bar to trade:1. Size of  Pin bar:     The Pin bar should not be too small compared to the previous candles because of its very low efficiency.

Real Pin bar and fake Pin bar

2. Price and Time :Pin Bar formation time is very important, it determines whether the market really goes in the direction of the Pin bar or a fake breakout + The following is a fake Pin bar.

  + A Pin bar for good signals must be like this

How a  pin bar for good signals should look

3. Test areas of Support and Resistance :when the Pin bar has tested the area and overcomes it, it shows that I have tested its price and the selling power is not enough to get a lower price.

Checked the area, the selling was not enough, and the price started to go up.

If the area has not been tested yet, it is likely that prices will fall below and then increase.If the price drops will touch SL
4. Trend combination:
This is very important, because in the transaction never goes against the trend of the price

After considering the factors, we see this is a nice Pin bar to sell, but why touch sl.Let’s see the price trend.

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