Vincent Nyagaka – Professional Trader, Author & Coach

Vincent Nyagaka is a highly regarded trader, author & coach with over 7 years of experience trading financial markets. Today he is recognized by many as ‘The Authority’ on price action trading. After starting this blog in 2019, his readership has grown to over 100,000 traders, making him one of the most widely followed trading coaches in the world.

He was born and brought up in a small village Masimba in Kisii County. After completing school in 2011 he decided to venture into the retail business back in the village. He carried out the business for 5 months before he joined the Kenya Institute of Management to study Business Management. 

After pursuing a Diploma, he embarked on searching for employment. Luckily he landed a job paying $150 for a month in March 2013. He worked in Sacco as a business development officer for 1 year 3 months. Unfortunately, as a first born the salary was not enough to take care of his siblings. So while working at the Sacco he kept searching for ways to make money in Kenya. One day he landed an article on the Kuza Biashara blog illustrating various ways to earn online. Forex Trading was among those ways to earn online.

He did research and purchased some courses and learned more about forex trading. In 2014 he eventually decided to start trading and empowering other youths to earn a living through Forex Trading. Just like any other beginner trader, he started by losing a lot of money several times in the first year. 

Vincent Nyagaka decided to use XM free knowledge and attend webinars to learn. Having failed he has learned several reasons as a trader. He has 5 years’ experience in Forex Trading.

Vincent Nyagaka has inspired over 1000 forex traders and trained over 500 traders. He is the Founder and CEO of Benstride Group Limited.

Benstride Vincent aims at empowering and educating several students about forex trading and how can start trading.

On this blog you will find a detailed library of Vincent’s trading education videos, articles, and tutorials designed to help you understand the power and simplicity of his proprietary price action trading strategies – the exact same methods Nial and his 5,000 + members use to trade the market every day.

Vincent’s success as a trader & coach can be attributed to his unique keep it simple trading philosophy. You certainly won’t hear the same tired, played-out advice here. If you are an aspiring forex trader looking for a genuine education, this blog is for you!

More about Vincent Nyagaka

Vincent’s core dedication, passion and focus over the past 2 decades has been to study and master the art of price action trading. He has extensive knowledge, proven abilities, and a wealth of experience in many areas of the financial markets. Nial’s current activities include trading Forex, Futures, Equities, and CFD’s as well as providing coaching for aspiring traders via the Benstride website. He is also an energetic entrepreneur, savvy investor, and philanthropist.

While enjoying the lifestyle of a trader, investor, and entrepreneur, Vincent makes sure he is personally available to attend to his students on a daily basis. He is an extremely passionate person when it comes to trading and life, and this passion carries through in his desire to share knowledge with others. Being a successful entrepreneur at such a young age has enabled Nial to travel all over the world and learn from some of the best traders across the globe, further influencing his unique perspective on what it takes to become successful in the markets and in life.

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