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Evening Doji Star

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An Evening Doji Star consists of a long bullish candle, followed by a Doji that gaps up, then a third bearish candle that gaps down and closes well within the body of the first candle.

An Evening Doji Star is a three-candle bearish reversal pattern similar to the Evening Star. The only difference is that the Evening Doji Star needs to be a Doji candle for the second candle.

evening doji star

How to Identify Star Pattern

  • The first candle should be a tall white candle in an upward price trend.
  • The second candle should be a doji whose body gaps above the first and third candles. Shadows are ignored.
  •  The third candle is a tall black candle that closes at or below the midpoint of the first candle


This Evening Doji Star acts as a bearish reversal of the upward price trend because the price rises into the pattern and breaks out downward.

A downward breakout occurs when the price closes below the bottom of the three-candlestick pattern. Since the price in the last candle is already near the low, a downward breakout is expected.

The Dance of the Evening Doji Star

The Evening Doji Star is like the mysterious guest at a masquerade ball, leaving traders intrigued and eager to unveil its true identity. This fascinating candlestick formation consists of three key players in the nightly market performance:

  1. The Bullish Candlestick: The evening begins with a bullish candle, representing the dominance of the bulls in the market. The stage is set as prices soar, creating an atmosphere of optimism and confidence among traders.
  2. The Doji: Enter the Doji, a peculiar character that symbolizes market indecision. With its small body and long shadows, the Doji suggests a tug-of-war between the bulls and bears. It’s like the calm before the storm, leaving traders on the edge of their seats.
  3. The Bearish Candlestick: The grand finale is led by the bears as a bearish candle takes center stage, erasing the gains made earlier in the evening. The Evening Doji Star completes its act, leaving traders to ponder the unfolding drama and make strategic decisions for the upcoming market sessions.

How to Spot the Evening Doji Star

Identifying the Evening Doji Star amidst the market chaos requires a keen eye and a dash of intuition. Here are some clues to help you spot this elusive candlestick pattern:

  • Candlestick Size Matters: Pay attention to the relative sizes of the bullish and bearish candles. The bullish candle should be substantial, followed by a Doji of moderate size, and finally, a bearish candle that erases the gains of the bullish phase.
  • Shadows Speak Volumes: The length of the shadows on the Doji and the bearish candle is crucial. Long shadows indicate heightened market indecision and potential trend reversal.
  • Volume as the Background Music: Keep an ear out for the volume accompanying the Evening Doji Star. A surge in volume during the formation strengthens the pattern’s reliability, suggesting that the market is actively participating in the unfolding drama.
  • Location, Location, Location: Context matters. The Evening Doji Star is most potent when it appears after a bullish trend, signaling a possible reversal. It’s like a plot twist in a thrilling novel, catching traders off guard and challenging their expectations.


1. Is the Evening Doji Star a guaranteed reversal signal?

No, the Evening Doji Star is not foolproof. Like any actor on the financial stage, its performance might vary. While it often signals a potential reversal, traders should consider other factors, such as market trends and overall conditions.

2. Can the Evening Doji Star be spotted in different timeframes?

Absolutely! This versatile candlestick pattern can make an appearance on various timeframes, from the frenetic pace of day trading to the more leisurely rhythm of swing trading. Adjust your lens and enjoy the show at different speeds!

3. What should traders do when they spot the Evening Doji Star?

Traders often use the Evening Doji Star as a cue to consider selling their positions or entering short trades. However, it’s essential to consult with other technical indicators and conduct a thorough analysis before making any financial decisions.

4. Are there any variations of the Evening Doji Star?

Indeed, there are a few related patterns that share the spotlight with the Evening Doji Star. Keep an eye out for the Evening Star and the Abandoned Baby, as they often appear in the same script, adding layers to the unfolding market narrative.

5. Can emotional intelligence play a role in trading the Evening Doji Star?

Absolutely! Traders who can sense the emotional currents in the market might have a slight advantage when dealing with the Evening Doji Star. It’s not just about numbers; it’s about understanding the human drama behind each candlestick.


As we wrap up our exploration of the Evening Doji Star, remember that trading is an art as much as it is a science. The Evening Doji Star, with its captivating performance, is a tool in the trader’s arsenal, a reliable guide in the unpredictable world of finance.

So, the next time you witness the Evening Doji Star taking center stage in the candlestick theatre, pay attention. It might just be signaling a market plot twist, inviting you to join the ranks of savvy traders who can read the market’s script and dance with the stars.

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