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Capital Markets Authority
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The Capital Markets Authority of Kenya, also known as Capital Markets Authority (CMA) in short, is an independent government financial regulatory agency responsible for supervising, licensing, and monitoring the activities of market intermediaries, including the stock exchange, forex brokers, and the central depository and settlement system, and all the other persons licensed under the Capital Markets Act of Kenya.

Introduction to the Capital Markets Authority of Kenya

The Capital Markets Authority of Kenya (CMA) is an important organization in Kenya’s financial world. It helps investors feel confident and supports the country’s economic growth. Formed in 1989 through the Capital Markets Act, the CMA makes sure that the Kenyan capital markets follow rules and regulations. It’s responsible for making sure the markets are fair, transparent, and work efficiently, which is crucial for protecting investors and keeping the market honest.

The CMA provides regulation for the financial services sector by providing guidelines for asset allocation. In the Capital Markets Act, Cap 485A amended in 2013 guidelines for the number of funds to be invested in each class of assets i.e. equities, government bonds, and bills are given in ranges.

Capital markets are a category of markets that facilitate the buying and selling of securities with medium-term and long-term maturity. Instruments traded in capital markets include derivatives, treasury bills and bonds, corporate bonds, and commercial papers, among others.

Upholding Regulatory Excellence

The CMA works hard to maintain high standards. It does this by creating strict rules and keeping a close eye on how the markets operate. By watching closely and assessing risks, the CMA helps keep the markets strong and safe for everyone.

Facilitating Market Development and Innovation

In today’s changing financial world, innovation is very important. The CMA encourages new ideas and technologies in the markets. This helps the markets grow, includes more people, and creates new opportunities for investors.

Investor Protection and Education

The CMA puts a lot of effort into making sure investors are protected and informed. It teaches investors about the markets and gives them the tools to make smart decisions. By making sure companies are transparent and accountable, the CMA builds trust and keeps the market stable.

Promoting Corporate Governance and Sustainability

Good corporate governance and sustainability are key for strong markets. The CMA promotes honesty and sustainability in companies and market players. By doing this, it attracts more investment and builds a market that’s reliable for the long term.

Enhancing Market Integrity and Transparency

Keeping the market honest and transparent is crucial for investor trust. The CMA watches over the market closely to make sure everyone follows the rules. By making sure everyone acts with integrity, the CMA helps create a fair and safe market for all.


In summary, the Capital Markets Authority of Kenya plays a big role in driving growth, innovation, and sustainability in Kenya’s financial markets. By focusing on high standards, investor protection, and market integrity, the CMA ensures the market is trustworthy and stable. As Kenya’s economy grows, the CMA will keep working to help investors, encourage innovation, and support economic growth for everyone’s benefit.

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