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Capital Markets Authority of Kenya

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The Capital Markets Authority of Kenya, also known as Capital Markets Authority (CMA) in short, is an independent government financial regulatory agency responsible for supervising, licensing, and monitoring the activities of market intermediaries, including the stock exchange, forex brokers, and the central depository and settlement system, and all the other persons licensed under the Capital Markets Act of Kenya.

Nairobi Stock Exchange that is managed by Capital Markets Authority

The CMA provides regulation for the financial services sector by providing guidelines for asset allocation. In the Capital Markets Act, Cap 485A amended in 2013 guidelines for the number of funds to be invested in each class of assets i.e. equities, government bonds, and bills are given in ranges.

Capital markets are a category of markets that facilitate the buying and selling of securities with medium-term and long-term maturity. Instruments traded in capital markets include derivatives, treasury bills and bonds, corporate bonds, and commercial papers, among others.


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