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Forex Trading Tutorials

Our articles on forex trading tutorials for beginners cover all the basics, including the history of the forex market, how to get started and what moves currency prices. They will help you learn forex trading basics, technical analysis, fundamental analysis, risk management, Trading.

Synchronize Time and Place for Forex Trading

It’s time to learn more about the market.  My step by step journey through Forex continues. So before jumping into the deep water, let’s wet our feet first, and get used to the temperature… and focus on the following forex trading terms: Currency pairs: Major currencies, Cross currencies, and Exotic pairs Trading hours It’s time …

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Technical Forex Trading Strategies

It’s time to get right into the thick of things and start learning about technical analysis, one of the most common forex trading strategies. In Chapter 6 we will discuss some of the most popular forex trading strategies. Technical Analysis Support and resistance levels Price action Chart patterns Channels Technical analysis methods acquired huge popularity towards …

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The Fibonacci Technical Indicator

In the next two chapters, you will receive a detailed introduction to your technical toolbox. Every professional has his own working tools and so do Forex traders. My toolbox contains a variety of analytical tools. These tools are helpful for efficient, professional technical analysis (which at the same time, in many cases, support fundamental decisions). …

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Winning Combinations for Trading Strategies

In this chapter we will show you which trading strategies you can combine to get the best results (two is usually better than one). Elliott Wave: Prediction pattern Divergence Trading: Predict the future Trading plan: Retracement/Reversal Strategy Opening and closing position: Two simple trading strategies Currency Correlation: Fundamental Strategy – play your currencies like a …

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Basic Forex Terminology – First Steps in Forex Trading

To trade Forex successfully you need to learn the basic forex terminology. Learn about: Currency Pairs It is very important to get to know basic Forex Terminology in order to trade knowledgeably. The terminology is important to be able to read currency price quotes. Remember: in Forex, each currency is compared to another currency. Base Currency – The …

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Forex in Relation to Stocks and Commodities and Trading with MetaTrader

In this chapter  you will learn about the relationship between stocks, indices, and commodities to the Forex market. In addition, you will learn how to master the MetaTrader platform. Stocks, Forex, and Commodities – Long relationship… Forex Signals – Following market alerts What not to do Master the world of Forex: “MetaTrader” Stocks, Forex and …

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